5 Benefits Of Regular Sessions With An Assisted Stretch Therapist

5 Benefits Of Regular Sessions With An Assisted Stretch Therapist

5 Benefits Of Regular Sessions With An Assisted Stretch Therapist

17 January 2022
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Even the simplest movements require a complex mechanism of muscle expansion and contraction to move a limb. You will often feel sore and stiff when you have overworked or underworked muscles. Stretching is essential in keeping your muscles, connective tissues, and joints flexible. Any physically active person knows stretching is essential before and after every physical workout session. An assisted stretch therapist helps you stretch better and beyond your usual range of movement when alone. What do you gain with regular assisted stretch sessions?

Reduce the risks of muscle injury 

An overly stressed muscle-tendon unit often causes muscle strain, fracture, and tendon injury. A muscle and tendon work in concert to move a joint. Overworking muscles or joints can result in a painful injury such as muscle tear or strain. Stretch sessions relieve the strain on muscles and joints to reduce the risks of injury. 

Improve Range of Motion and Flexibility 

Your muscles, joints, and ligaments become too tight when they are not stretched regularly. It also causes the muscles to tighten around the joints, leading to joint pain and injury. An assisted stretch therapist helps you start stretching or pushes you beyond the boundaries of your regular stretching routine.

When you can move your body freely, you can engage in activities that you enjoy more easily. You have better motor coordination and stability. Improved range of motion and flexibility can also help prevent injuries. 

Reduce Pain and Stiffness 

Stretching can help relieve pain and stiffness in your joints, muscles, and tendons. An assisted stretch therapist knows the muscles and joints to target to alleviate various pains. It makes your muscles feel more limber and flexible as the tension fades. 

Increase Energy Levels

Flexibility is directly related to energy levels. Full body stretching improves blood circulation, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells in your body. The increase in oxygen will help you boost energy levels during the day. Therefore, regular stretch sessions can make a big difference in your energy levels throughout the day. 

Reduced Stress Levels 

Constant physical pain and discomfort contribute to mental stress. Stretching relaxes your muscles and relieves the tension and pains in your body. Also, you take your mind off daily pressures when you are in stretch sessions. Feeling physically fit will make you feel good and less stressed.

Are you looking for relief from chronic muscle and joint pain? Book an appointment with an assisted stretch therapist to draw up a schedule for regular stretch sessions. 

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