What Treatments Do Holistic Physical Therapists Offer?

What Treatments Do Holistic Physical Therapists Offer?

What Treatments Do Holistic Physical Therapists Offer?

17 March 2021
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People can develop pain for a number of reasons. Some pain is caused by muscle use. People in physical jobs will sometimes develop soreness in the body parts they use most frequently, although even people with desk jobs can develop back pain. Other pain is caused by injuries. Pain can be accompanied by stiffness and reduced body function, especially following a surgery or injury. Holistic physical therapy can reduce your pain and restore your strength and mobility. These four treatment methods are often used by holistic physical therapists:

1. Massage

Massage is sometimes used for relaxation, but it can be medicinal as well. When you receive a massage, you allow a therapist to manipulate your muscles using a mixture of kneading and percussive strokes. Massage therapy can provide pain relief without the need for drugs. It can also promote mental well-being, allowing people to forget their troubles for a while.

Holistic physical therapy focuses on the connections between the body and the mind and strives to heal both systems using natural techniques. Massage therapy can relieve your pain, promote good circulation, and reduce the type of mental fatigue that can sometimes come with chronic pain.

2. Individual And Assisted Stretching

Stretching is a necessary component of holistic physical therapy. When you stretch your muscles, you encourage your tendons and muscle fibers to lengthen. This can relieve tension and discomfort. A holistic physical therapist can show you stretches that are helpful for your condition. They may even assist you with some stretches by holding your body in various positions. Assisted stretching can help clients stretch more deeply while still maintaining patient safety. Assisted stretching is especially useful for people with limited mobility.

3. Aromatherapy

The mind can have a great impact on your entire body. Your sense of smell is very powerful, allowing your nose to send signals to your brain. Aromatherapy uses scent to promote relaxation and healing. Your holistic physical therapist may incorporate aromatherapy into your sessions. A diffuser can spread essential oils throughout the air in the form of water vapor. Your physical therapist can also introduce aromatherapy into your sessions by using scented massage oil while providing massage therapy.

4. Acupressure

Acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate specific parts of the body. Acupressure relies on a similar idea, but it involves manual pressure instead of needles. Your holistic physical therapist can relieve your pain and treat many symptoms using acupressure. To perform this treatment, your physical therapist will push specific pressure points on your body, applying firm and even pressure until you feel relief.

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