What Are The Health Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage?

4 March 2021
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If you are looking for a new therapy to try, you may want to book a Thai-yoga massage appointment. Unlike other massage therapies, where you lie still on a massage table, your therapist will help you through dynamic, assisted stretches. Thai yoga massage also includes the manipulation of acupressure points. While many massage modalities have similar benefits, like improving your range of motion, here are just a few health benefits you could reap from a Thai-yoga massage.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on the body if it is left unchecked, and it can affect your energy and appetite. Yoga poses that are used during Thai massage can help you focus your breath and clear your mind of external stressors.

When you become stressed, there are certain markers in your body that are released in response; one such marker is salivary alpha-amylase (sAA). According to one study, Thai massage was able to reduce psychological stress in participants, since the presence of sAA decreased.

Whether you are stressed from work, your relationships, an illness, etc., Thai yoga massage could be a great way to help you feel less overwhelmed in your life.

Reduce Back Pain

Do you sit for long periods each day for your work? A sedentary lifestyle can stress your back — especially if you have poor posture and don't use ergonomic furniture. Exercise and stretching breaks can mitigate back pain, but so can Thai massage. Thai massage can decrease muscle tension that is associated with trigger points, or taut bands of muscle tissue.

Relieve Your Headaches

According to a 2015 report in Massage magazine, people who experience frequent headaches were able to decrease their headache intensity and increase their pain threshold after receiving Thai massages. Not only did Thai massage help people with tension-type headaches, but it also helped people with more severe headaches, like migraines.

Improve Your Energy Levels

Some athletes may think that a deep-tissue sports massage is the only good modality for their needs. However, Thai massage can be a great way for athletes to recover more quickly since this type of massage reduces fatigue and improves energy levels. One study found that while both Thai and Swedish massage therapies could promote relaxation, only Thai massage showed energizing results for those with depleted energy. Because Thai-yoga massage involves dynamic stretching, it can help improve circulation and reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Reach out to a massage therapist in your area to learn more about the health benefits of Thai-yoga massage.

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