Potential Benefits Of Vaginal Steaming

Potential Benefits Of Vaginal Steaming

Potential Benefits Of Vaginal Steaming

20 January 2021
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Vaginal steaming is an old treatment for feminine ailments that is once again gaining popularity. However, you may wonder what the benefits are of crouching over steaming herbal water. In reality, there are no medically proven benefits to vaginal steaming. There are a few claimed benefits, some of which just make logical sense. These benefits include but are not limited to the following.

Helping with Menstrual Cramping

Steaming your vagina with warm water will likely decrease your menstrual cramps as much as a hot pad or heated water jug will help. However, these latter options are warming your loins from the exterior, while vaginal steaming is warming the interior. Since steaming is heating the source directly, it may work more quickly, while also cleaning your vulva in the process. The cleanliness of the procedure is another reason that women are drawn to vaginal steaming.

Improving Relaxation

Many people drink herbal tea when they need to relax. Vaginal steaming also uses warm, herbal water to help you relax, though in a different way. Much in the same way that a hot bath or sitz bath is extremely relaxing, many women have found that vaginal steaming is extremely relaxing in its own way. If you have been having a difficult time finding something that can help you relax from your busy and hectic life, you may want to try something like vaginal steaming.

Potentially Improving Fertility

The claim of improving fertility is a lofty one, though it may be true. Many physicians have said that anything that can increase the blood flow of one's reproductive organs may improve fertility, and vaginal steaming does just that. Having hot steam entering your vagina tells the body that the area needs more blood, just as warming any part of the body does. This is the same reason that physicians will counsel people to use a hot pack in areas that are stiff or sore. Warmth invites blood flow. It may not immediately improve fertility, but an increase in blood flow may do that on its own. 

In conclusion, while not scientifically proven, vaginal steaming may be able to help you with a few things you are struggling with. It may seem a little odd at first, but many women and celebrities are finding that vaginal steaming is worth the initial awkwardness. Many high-end spas are now offering this service. Call your spa ahead of time to see if this is something they offer. 

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