How A Gay Masseur Can Help After A Sexual Assault

How A Gay Masseur Can Help After A Sexual Assault

How A Gay Masseur Can Help After A Sexual Assault

23 December 2020
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Massages can provide a variety of relaxation benefits that make them more than worth the money that they cost. Unfortunately, women who may prefer male masseurs may struggle to accept treatment after a sexual assault and may need someone with whom they feel comfortable. In this scenario, a gay masseur is probably the best option for their care needs.

PTSD Around Men Is Common for Many Sexual Assault Victims

Sexual assault is a very traumatic situation for women and often leaves them struggling to handle spending time around men, particularly in more intimate scenarios, like massages. For example, a woman getting a massage from a male masseur may find themselves unable to handle the memories of their assault and may struggle to feel comfortable or accepting of the situation and its demands on them.

However, they may find that female masseurs do not provide them with the type of benefits that they want because they may prefer a very strong massage or simply find it uncomfortable to get a massage from a woman. Whatever their reason, it may be necessary for a woman in this situation to seek a gay male masseur who can provide them with the type of massage help that they need to relax.

How a Gay Masseur May Help

Working with a gay masseur can help a woman feel more comfortable during her treatment by ensuring that she doesn't feel anxiety about her treatment specialist. Knowing that her masseur is gay may help make it easier for her to feel comfortable in this situation and may even help her feel more comfortable around other men in the future by slowly decreasing her PTSD reactions.

Just as importantly, she can create a compassionate bond with a person who can listen to her concerns and provide her with the help that she needs to feel comfortable and happy. She can even spend time at her massage parlor talking with her masseur and other gay men who may come to his parlor, as these services are often specialized for other gay men who want a comfortable and relaxing massage.

Thankfully, there is a growing trend in the masseur market for specialized gay masseurs. So women who need a good massage – or gay men who need a masseur who understands their special needs – should seriously consider reaching out to a massage expert of this type. Doing so can provide them with the help that they need to combat their physical tension and muscular pains.

To learn more, contact a gay masseur.

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