Should You Get a Facial Massage?

Should You Get a Facial Massage?

Should You Get a Facial Massage?

3 November 2020
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When you think of a massage, you probably picture a massage therapist working on your legs, arms, back, and shoulders. However, there is another type of massage that has been gaining popularity lately: facial massage. A facial massage is exactly what it sounds like — a massage that is performed on your face. Massage therapists will use a combination of light and heavier touches over all parts of your face. But what are the benefits of this type of massage?

1. Enjoy More Youthful Skin

If you are concerned that your skin is starting to look aged, saggy, and wrinkly, a facial massage can help. The procedure increases circulation to the facial skin, which encourages the tissue to take on a bit more fluid and remain plump. You should notice that your wrinkles and fine lines are less obvious after your massage, and these results will last at least a few days, maybe even longer if you have regular facial massages.

2. Relieve Sinus Pressure

A lot of people deal with underlying sinus pressure, whether due to allergies or persistent infection. Although facial massage is not a cure for either of these underlying issues, it can provide some temporary relief from the sinus pressure. The massage action will encourage the sinuses to drain, which will alleviate a lot of the pressure you may feel behind your eyes, and may also prevent sinus headaches in the days and weeks that follow.

3. Reduce Scar Tissue

If you have some scars on your face from acne or old injuries, massage can help ease their appearance. You'll notice a marked difference for a few days after the massage since the massage will bring additional circulation to your face and make it look plumper. These results will fade somewhat after a few days, but if you have regular massages, you will likely notice a gradual improvement in scars over time.

4. Relax

Having someone massage your face can be incredibly relaxing. There are a lot of nerve endings in your face, and stimulating them via massage can help ease stress. Many people carry a lot of stress in their faces without realizing it, and massage can be a really good way to release that stress.

So, should you get a facial treatment? Yes! These massages typically take less than 30 minutes, they're very safe, and they are a great way to reap all of the benefits listed above.

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