3 Lesser-Known Types of Massage and Their Benefits

3 Lesser-Known Types of Massage and Their Benefits

3 Lesser-Known Types of Massage and Their Benefits

10 April 2020
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When you think of a massage, the first kind that comes to mind is probably some version of a Swedish massage or a sports massage, both of which involve stroking and kneading motions and various levels of pressure applied to the body. These types of massage are beneficial, but they are not your only options. Take a look at these three lesser-known types of massage that may also appeal to you.

1. Thai Massage

Thai massage is a traditional style of massage that integrates elements of yoga and acupressure. If you choose this type of massage, expect your practitioner to ask you to bend and fold into various positions as they then apply pressure to specific points along your body. The yoga-like movement and posing of Thai massage can make it easier to target specific muscle aches. It's a common choice for arthritis patients since it is easy for the practitioner to focus on alleviating strain on certain joints. 

2. Trigger Point Massage

If you are someone who does not like the idea of another person (a massage therapist) placing their hands all over you, then you might want to consider a trigger point massage. In this type of massage, only certain, specific areas are touched. These are areas where nerves come together and where muscles tend to be the sorest. Your massage therapist will apply direct pressure to these areas, helping to relax the nerves and muscles. Trigger point massage is great for overall relaxation and for post-workout soreness.

4. Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage combines touch and scent. It is primarily used for relaxation rather than physical therapy. Often, aromatherapy massage only focuses on the hands, forehead, legs, and feet, or another small part of the body. Essentials oils may be used to evoke the aromas, or your practitioner may diffuse a scent into the room during the session. Your practitioner may choose the scents used based on your complaints. For instance, if you complain of feeling tired all of the time, they may use an energizing scent, like grapefruit. If you often feel anxious, they may use a relaxing scent like lavender.

To learn more about these three types of massage, reach out to a massage therapist near you. They can discuss your situation with you, determine where and why you feel sore, and help you settle on the type of massage that is most likely to be effective.

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