Outcall Massage Services For Triathletes

Outcall Massage Services For Triathletes

Outcall Massage Services For Triathletes

25 March 2020
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A good massage can be one of the best recovery tools for a triathlete. Although you might have a massage therapist you trust back home, what do you when you're on the road for racing, training, or work?  Outcall massage therapy services can bring the massage right to your Airbnb, hotel, hostel, or campsite

Here are some common outcall massage services for triathletes that can help you keep training at optimal levels.

Post-Travel Shake Out

Sometimes just getting to a race or training location can take a toll on your body. Not only are your routines likely to be thrown off, but you probably won't be able to eat and drink the way you might at home.

  • Mobile Massage: When requesting a post-travel shake out, your outcall massage therapist can start with a general flushing of your major muscle groups. Once they stimulate blood flow throughout your body, they can begin to focus on any problem spots they might find. Because sitting for extended periods can put additional strain on your lower back and hips, having your outcall massage therapist focus on these areas might be valuable. Most post-travel shake out sessions end with some form of ART (active release therapy). This stretching technique lengthens large groups and tendons, like your quads and hamstrings, by capitalizing on eccentric muscle contractions. Another benefit of a post-travel shake out massage session is that you can build a new relationship with a trusted massage expert for the duration of your trip.

Post-Race Flush Out

You have a limited recovery window to minimize the muscle damage you sustain in both racing and training. Having an outcall massage therapist provide you with care during this window can be the key to reducing your soreness after a grueling triathlon.

  • Deep Tissue: your muscles are layered and form intricate connections with the tendons and bones in your body. After a race, reaching each layer of your muscles requires deep tissue massage techniques. Although this type of massage isn't likely to be particularly enjoyable or relaxing, the relief you'll feel the next day can be well worth it. You can better direct your outcall massage therapist to deliver optimized care by directing them to places on your body that might have more scar tissue. These collections of knotted muscle fibers often become the most sore after strenuous exercises. By breaking up these scar tissued areas, you can increase both blood flow and range of motion.
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