What to Expect At Your Deep Tissue Massage Appointment

What to Expect At Your Deep Tissue Massage Appointment

What to Expect At Your Deep Tissue Massage Appointment

19 March 2020
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Massage therapy has been used to provide healing and relaxation for hundreds of years. It's a totally natural method of pain relief that doesn't include the side effects and risks of other forms of pain management. Deep tissue massage therapy, in particular, has many benefits for anyone suffering from an injury.

If you're experiencing pain, decreased range of motion, or other unwanted physical difficulties, a deep tissue massage can offer healing. Here are four things you can expect at your first deep tissue massage appointment:

1. You will have a preliminary conversation.

In order to provide the best massage, your massage therapist will need to ask you pertinent questions. For example, you'll be asked what you're hoping to get out of massage therapy. Your massage therapist will inquire where you're feeling pain and ask if there are any areas they should avoid during treatment. If you've never had a deep tissue massage before, you should indicate this so your therapist can start the massage using a lighter touch.

2. You will be given a thorough massage.

Once your massage therapist is ready to begin your treatment, they will lead you to a private room and allow you to get undressed. After you undress and cover yourself with a sheet provided for your modesty, your therapist will enter the room and begin your deep tissue massage. During your massage, your therapist will thoroughly massage your entire body, paying special attention to areas where you have pain or injuries.

3. You will be given some time to rest.

After your massage, your massage therapist will leave you alone and allow you to relax for a few minutes. Don't feel the need to leap off the massage table immediately. Take your time to luxuriate in the feeling of a limber body that has had all the tension worked out of it. When you're ready, you can sit up and dress yourself in privacy.

4. You will be given self-care instructions.

After your appointment, your massage therapist will give you some tips which will help you care for yourself for the rest of the day. Your massage therapist will likely suggest that you rest. Since deep tissue massage uses firm pressure to work out knots and areas of scar tissue, you may feel a little sore for the remainder of the day.

Your massage therapist will also tell you to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. During your massage, lactic acid is released from your muscles. These toxins must be flushed out of your body, and water will enable your body to excrete lactic acid effectively.

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