Questions You Might Have Before Getting Your Face Waxed For The First Time

Questions You Might Have Before Getting Your Face Waxed For The First Time

Questions You Might Have Before Getting Your Face Waxed For The First Time

13 March 2020
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If you have unwanted hair on your face, one solution is to get it waxed off. A lot of salons and spas offer this service. It's affordable, quite safe, and the effects last for a month or longer. However, the idea of having someone use hot wax to remove hair from your face may leave you feeling a bit apprehensive at first. You might have a couple of questions, such as the following.

How long does your hair need to be before waxing?

You do not want to go in and have your face waxed just after having shaved. There won't be enough hair for the wax to grab onto, so your effects won't be as noticeable as desired. For best results, you really want your hair to be at least 1/8 inch long before a waxing appointment. If you can grow it to 1/4 inch, that's even better. For most people, it takes about a week to grow the hair this long after shaving, so plan accordingly when you schedule your waxing appointment.

Can you get everything waxed at once?

Say you want your upper lip, chin, and eyebrows waxed — which is pretty common. You can schedule these all at the same time. Instead of requesting individual services, you will likely want to request what is known as a "full face wax." Your salon professional will work on one area at a time. Often, they start at the eyebrows and work their way down. 

Will waxing hurt?

It's not pleasant, but the pain is brief and tolerable. The hair on your face tends to be pretty fine in comparison to the hair on your legs or bikini area, so having your face waxed is not often as painful as having these other areas waxed. You can expect your face to be a little red and irritated for a couple of hours after waxing, but most people are back to normal within a day.

Are there risks involved?

The only real risk that comes with waxing is the risk of infection. If the equipment used is not properly sterilized between patients, you could end up with a skin infection, such as a staph infection. This is why it is so important to have your face waxed at a reputable salon.

Now that you know a little more about facial waxing service, you should be all set to have a great appointment. Talk to a company like Lavida Massage of Staten Island to get started.

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